A b o u t


I was painting since…ever. In 2003 I started my career change into art and painting.
I studied fine arts at the Freie Kunstakademie Nürtingen from 2004 to 2010 and also
visited the EKA Trier for special workshops.


The main subject of my artwork is the human figure and face, it is rather the
suggestion or image of it, a medium for emotions and wishes, to reach the
observers empathy.


„Sibylle Will´s androgynous figures fill the canvas like a plant-like growth arranged
according to firm rules these figures already bear within their captivating aesthetics
the seed of an all too rapidly decaying beauty. Their corporality reduced to essentials,
they radiate both the promise of a beguiling perfection and the burdensomeness of
life yet to come…“ (Ling Wang Hohmann/ Uwe Hohmann, Galerie Wang Hohmann)



                                    Artmuc München



                                    Art Insbruck

                                    Galerie Oisterwijk NL


Artmuc München Praterinsel
Galerie Schuhmacher Überlingen

Galerie Hegemann München


Kunstverein Geislingen
Arte Sindelfingen
Galerie Oisterwijk NL
Artmuc München


Stroke München
Artmuc München
23. Künstlermesse Karlsruhe


C.A.R Messe Zeche Zollverein
Artmuc München
Galerie Oisterwijk NL
Galerie WangHohmann Wiesbaden


Galerie Ostendorf Heidelberg
Artmuc München
Künstlermesse VBKW /BBK Stuttgart
Kunstplein Biennale Oisterwijk NL



Artig Kunstpreis Kempten /Ausstellung
Frauenmuseum Bonn


Nominierung Wilhelm Morgner Preis/Museum Soest
C.A.R.Messe Zollverien Essen
1.Preis Vernissage Kunstzeitung Mit Katalog und Ausstellung


Artpul Pulheim
Alte Spedition Gladbeck
Galerie Oisterwijk NL


2011 – 2007
Kunstverein Garmisch Partenkirchen

Kuboshow Herne 1.Preis
Städtische Galerie Geislingen Steige
Galerie Babel Stuttgart
Metzgalerie Koblenz
Galerie HeuvelArt NL